Most clients first come to us when they are experiencing a product or company transition

  • Searching for early design partners to validate direction
  • Wanting to engage with alpha and beta customers
  • Looking for input from the industry regarding product feature selection, positioning and pricing
  • Ready to announce funding or product availability
  • Ready to expand their customer base

Ways to Engage with 280blue

Alpha Lab Academy

Alpha Lab Academy is a 3-month go-to-market immersion program that combines onsite and online collaboration and instruction.

Participants work alongside ten Tech Council subject matter experts to refine their technologies and define their pricing, roadmap and product positioning through workshops, user-group sessions, and one-on-one collaboration.

Go-to-Market Workshops

Workshops are one-to-two day intensive sessions designed to help early and growth-stage technology companies better understand their buyers/influencers and more effectively position their company and/or product. Participants leave with real-world insights so they can go to market quickly and with confidence.

Technology Brain Trust

280blue publishes free and fee-based research briefs, e-books and newsletters, and produces a monthly birds-of-a-feather web session on trending topics including networking, security, storage, and container technologies.

Buyer Engagement Programs

Technology companies and venture firms can leverage the industry expertise of the 280blue in-house publishing team to develop content strategies and create campaigns that engage buyers, customers and influencers.

Customer Programs

280blue strategists work alongside technology companies to develop customer programs and nurture participation in in advisory boards, technical advisory councils, and customer testimonials.

A Perspective that Provides Results

Our leadership staff is comprised of a hi-tech marketing executive and a marketing agency managing director, who each brings with them broad experience as the buyer or the marketing leader responsible for positioning products and helping to make sales happen.

This unique mix of enterprise buyer understanding and deep startup experience provides our clients with a perspective that is unmatched in the industry.

Kim Kapustka, Managing Partner

I’ll admit it. I like to win. Growing up with six brothers and sisters means playing a lot of Monopoly games. Games that lasted late into the night and sometimes into the next day. I bring that same competitive spirit to working with our clients. Your success is my success. I take it personally. I want us to win and I do everything possible to make that happen. Except maybe rob the bank.

Matt Pavledakes, Partner

With a degree in journalism, I love a great sentence and still dream about writing profiles for Esquire. This agency is 'Six degrees of Matt' I like to say: I've worked with everyone as a boss, employee, client or partner. I grew up in Boston and have done two tours of duty in Chicago, but I left my heart in San Francisco.

280blue Articles / Press Releases

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One of the most important attributes of a startup is the shared sense of purpose. The entire company is working toward a common goal. ...

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Kim Kapustka - July 15, 2015

I’m often asked why I travel so much. Why do I insist upon meeting with clients in person rather than on the phone? Why fly five hours to meet with analysts? ...

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Kim Kapustka - July 14, 2015

For its first ten years, Riverbed Technology had a reputation in Silicon Valley as a great place to work; ...

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